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BarkBasel presents Dogs in Art in support of Camp Hope Unleashed

Coinciding with Art Basel Miami Beach, BarkBasel brings canine-centered art to Coral Gables

There is no stranger time in Miami than the week at the beginning of December when Art Basel Miami Beach hits town. Not only does the Miami Beach Convention Center host one of the biggest and most successful art fairs in the world, but also a whole range of smaller fairs springs up in Miami Beach and the Wynwood design district.

Now the art circuit extends to Coral Gables. But is there room for yet another art show?

When it is founded on such a unique theme as BarkBasel and dedicated to such an important charitable cause as well, the answer is a big “Yes!”

BarkBasel is a pop-up fair that opens its doors at 2320 Galiano Street, December 4-7. It is far more focused than any of the other Miami fairs because every single work that it presents shares the same subject matter – dogs! And it is rather more accessible as well because though some of the 100 pieces on display are priced in the thousands of dollars, there are also works available at $20. Featured artists include Amanda Jones, Shelley Castle, Juan Sebastian Maldonado, Diane Lewis, Evelyn McCorristin-Peters, and Marie Mason.

BarkBasel 2014 celebrates the pup in everyone through an eclectic collection of canine artwork. It is about dogs being dogs and artists capturing that moment ... and art without an attitude!

What makes BarkBasel particularly exciting is that every dollar from sales goes directly to Camp Hope Unleashed, a brand new nonprofit program being developed with Tails of Hope Foundation (a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, that is dedicated to the recovery process for veterans living with PTSD in a natural camp setting with their PTSD assistance and companion dogs. Camp Hope Unleashed was inspired by the experience of SSGT USAF (ret) Meghan Duprey, when she attended Camp Unleashed: “There was just something about all the dogs running around, happy as could be. It lightened something in my heart. I got away from "myself" for a while. For the first time in three years I felt almost normal,” she says.

For more information:
About Camp Hope Unleashed

“I can't accurately describe the serenity of Camp Unleashed or how liberating it can be.  I can only hope to show my brothers and sisters in arms by letting them experience it for themselves. 

To let the walls down and let the peace in for a few days.  Most veterans with PTSD very rarely, if ever get to experience it anymore.  Everybody needs that.  They deserve that.”  
             Meghan M. Duprey, SSgt USAF(ret) March 2014

 After Meghan attended her first Camp Unleashed in Asheville in 2010,  Clinical pyschologist and Camp Director Kay Loveland, PhD, and Camp Unleashed Founder Annie Brody became determined to find a way to offer this healing experience to more veterans.  Our dream is coming true:

Tails of Hope Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Faithful Friends Service Dog Foundation and Camp Unleashed have joined forces to develop Camp Hope Unleashed for PTSD Veterans and their Assistance Canines.

The goal of Camp Hope Unleashed is to provide veterans who suffer from PTSD with a retreat in nature with their dogs to advance their recovery process in a safe setting with experienced and compassionate support staff. 

For more information: Linda Blick, Founder,
Tails of Hope Foundation, 845-926-3478 or Annie Brody, Founder, Camp Unleashed, 518-781-0446.