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 Camp Hope Unleashed for Veterans

& their Service or Emotional Support Dogs

Annie Brody and Dr. Kay Loveland of Camp Unleashed have joined forces with Tails of Hope Foundation and Faithful Friends Service Dog Foundation, both 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, to launch a special, not-for-profit camp exclusively for veterans and their Service or Emotional Support Dogs.

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The goal of Camp Hope Unleashed is to help veterans improve the quality of their lives and enhance the human-animal bond through a “camp” experience of fun activities with their dogs and the teaching of Community Resiliency and Wellness Skills

 The program of fun dog-team activities (Offleash nature walks, canoeing, fishing, hoops & tunnels, canine massage) provides veterans with PTSD and their Service and/or Emotional Support Dogs with a positive experience in an R&R safe setting among their peers and
with the support of experienced and compassionate all-­volunteer staff, including veteran mentors.


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Our pilot camp took place April 28-May 6 in Hackettstown, New Jersey. You can view a short documentary here.

With gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers and donors, including Camp Unleashed alumni!

"There was just something about all the dogs running around, happy as could be.

It lightened something in my heart. I got away from "myself" for a while. For the first time in three years I felt almost normal.

Camp Hope Unleashed was inspired by the experience of SSGT USAF (ret) Meghan Duprey, when she attended Camp Unleashed in Asheville.

“I can't accurately describe the serenity of Camp Unleashed or how liberating it can be.  I can only hope to show my brothers and sisters in arms by letting them experience it for themselves. 

To let the walls down and let the peace in for a few days.  Most veterans with PTSD very rarely, if ever get to experience it anymore.  Everybody needs that.  They deserve that.”  
             --Meghan M. Duprey, SSgt USAF(ret) March 2014

 After Meghan attended her first Camp Unleashed in Asheville in 2010,  Clinical psychologist and Camp Director Kay Loveland, PhD, and Camp Unleashed Founder Annie Brody became determined to find a way to offer this healing experience to more veterans.  Our dream came true, thanks to Tails of Hope Foundation, Faithful Friends Service Dog Foundation, and many generous individuals and volunteers.

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