You may not agree, you may not care
but if you are holding this book you should know that of all the sights I love in this world— and there are plenty—very near the top of the list is this one: dogs without leashes."

— Mary Oliver, Poet, Dog Songs

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Camp Unleashed builds trust, deepens respect, improves skills, and reduces stress
for both species.  Some people even say it’s the best vacation they’ve ever had! 
Join us with your dog in Massachusetts or Georgia!

Escape to the country with your dog and enjoy nature ...

The whole experience of Camp Unleashed is created with our dogs in mind, first and foremost.  Camp Unleashed is a vacation for our beloved canines from the rules and regulations of the human world.  As several campers have said, "It's worth sleeping on a bunk bed  or air mattress for 3 nights when you see how much joy your dog has."

Camp takes place in a  forested setting with a private lake, comfortable, casual accommodations, and outstanding food. All activities are designed to engage dogs and their people in a relaxing supportive environment. Locations are chosen for their dog friendliness (meaning their appeal to dogs), safety for dogs off leash (low and no traffic areas), and an easy-going atmosphere where a little bit of mud on a wood floor is no big deal.  The waterfront is always available to your dog for a quick, refreshing dip.
Swim, discover how your dog responds to the slightest directional movement of your body while running an agility course together, take a smell hike in the woods, do yoga with your dog, try an organized dog sport, hear a presentation on dog nutrition, or just sit in the grass and throw balls. You choose how you and your dog enjoy Camp Unleashed. Come out and play with us!

Camp Unleashed takes place in scenic locations each nestled in the mountains with natural streams, hiking trails, and private spring-fed lakes. We offer morning and afternoon guided hikes at both gentle and vigorous levels and at least one long hike (2 hours) with a picnic lunch. Sometimes there is even a night hike for star gazing!  All of our camps are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA).  You can view a sample schedule here.
Or watch a slideshow of our 2016 sessions.

Each Camp Unleashed session is limited to 55 camper dogs and their people to ensure a high quality experience and maximum freedom for the dogs. 

Camp is for dogs of all sizes, shapes, and varieties as long as they are dog and people friendly. Camp is all about fun and not serious sports competition or obedience training. We believe that dogs, like us, learn best through play and with positive reinforcement when they are having a good time.  All of our activities are designed to enhance and deepen your relationship with your dog.