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Erica Etchason, APDT-KA Certified Trainer

Swim Instructor, Canine Water Sports


Erica's passion is working with dogs in water because  the environment encourages true teamwork between human and dog in a leash-free environment.   Her  water training philosophy is to build joy around water-- joy that will build confident, safe swimmers.  
Erica trains and competes in many venues and has been involved in Canine Water Sports,  since 2006,   She turned to Canine Water Sports for her core competency when her eldest Newfoundland reached his geriatric years.  Still a working dog true to form, she needed to find a low impact venue that kept him healthy and safe..  Currently Erica has achieved over 25 Canine Water Sports merits with her two Newfoundland’s and a Water Dog Title from the Newfoundland Club of America with Molly.  Erica and her Newfoundlands have earned Canine Water Sports merits in the Team Swim, Retrieve, and Towing categories.  She has earned two 1st to earn achievements for the Two-Dog Team Swim and the Tow & Slalom Team Swim tasks in Canine Water Sports.   She trains with the Canine Water Sports founder Deborah Lee Miller–Riley, in Monroe Connecticut several times a year and  teaches indoor pool classes at What A Good Dog in Malvern, Pennsylvania  ( and Green Leaf Pet Resort in Millstone, New Jersey ( ).

 Erica is a member of APDT, New Pen Del Newfoundland Club, and Training Director for 4 Paws Adrift ( , a Canine Water Sports sanctioned club, she co-founded.  During the summer of 2012 Erica and 4 Paws Adrift put on the first ever NJ Splash Camp promoting the foundation behaviors in Canine Water Sports.
She recently completed certification with APDT (American Pet Dog Trainers Association).

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