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Elliot Weiner. CPDT-KA
Behavior Team

Elliot has been “with dogs” ever since he was 5 and a neighbor’s dog got upset when Elliot climbed the fence. Shredded cheek, many stitches, and years later, he still climbs fences - but knows a lotmore about dogs’ body language. Elliot has volunteered with shelters at most cities he’s lived induring the past 40 years, from Portland, OR to NYC to St. Augustine to Tacoma, WA, where he
spent the 10 years before he moved to Asheville last year, volunteering extensively with the Tacoma Humane Society's behavior department and as a trainer at Positive Approach. During his “dog years" as a psychologist and dog/people trainer, he’s seen training techniques change much, much for the better. When he got to Tacoma, he started his own 501(c)3 non-profit rescue
focused on helping labradors who were at risk for euthanasia. Elliot’s own dog, Bella, a 3-legged lab, has been his rescue’s poster child for the last 7 years.
Elliot has achieved the CPDT-KA and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator status and has been a trainer/behaviorist for both groups and individual clients. He now volunteers in the behavior departments at both Asheville Humane Society and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, averaging about 35 hours each week. His favorite saying is: "Wag more. Bark less.”