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Meredith Minkin
Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Barn Hunt & Tracking

Meredith Minkin is an internationally certified behavior consultant. She has trained multiple species of animals including, dolphins, elephants, parrots, rats, chickens, guinea pigs, and cats. Her dogs participate in nose work, tracking, rally obedience, toss and fetch (disc dog), flyball, agility, steeple chase racing, dock-diving, lure coursing, go-to-ground, super-earth, barn and brush hunt. Most recently, they have added "herding" to their resume.
Meredith has worked with celebrity dog trainer, Victoria Stillwell and has appeared on the show, It’s Me Or The Dog. She is currently a mentor for Victoria Stillwell's Positively Trainers and CATCH Canine Trainer Academy.

She is responsible in helping to create Canine CellMates, the jail dog program at Fulton County Jail. Meredith is a Judge for Barn Hunt, LLC. She has previously judged Brush Hunt and Barn Hunt events for the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America.

Meredith’s website: