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Michael Nilsson & Chrystine Kane, Agility 

Mike Nilsson was introduced to the sport of Agility in 2007.  He became hooked after seeing the development of the dog-handler relationship coupled with the pure enjoyment the sport provides.  Without a dog, he began learning as much as possible from the sidelines, becoming a student of the game.  In the spring of 2010, he was fortunate to welcome into his life Bud, an exuberant Australian Shepherd with a passion for life.  He began training and attending numerous seminars taught by world-renown agility competitors.  He also began teaching with Nicole Levesque from foundation basics to the advanced competition level.  Mike believes in using positive training methods and working with the dog-handler team to find the optimal approach to produce the desired training result.

Mike and Christyne teach agility in South Windsor, CT. In each class they seek to inspire, improve, and enrich their students, supporting the individual development of each team's agility skills.  Above all, Mike and Christyne strive to foster the deep respect and bond formed between dog and handler throughout the training process

Christyne Kane was first introduced to dog training and agility in 2002 while working at The Seeing Eye Inc.’s breeding station where she had the opportunity to work with many different adult dogs and puppies, providing enrichment to their kennel lives through obedience, tricks, and agility.  She eventually adopted Harvey, a golden retriever who retired from the breeding program.   In fall 2007, the pair landed in Nicole Levesque’s Foundation Agility class.  Armed with foundation enthusiasm and plenty of treats, the two advanced through Nicole’s guidance and support to begin competing in Fall 2009. Since then the pair have earned over 15 titles in USDAA and AKC in less than 2 years.