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Nicole Levesque, Agility 

Nicole started her agility experience in 1995 in an attempt to train a willful and wild Husky mix named Zachary.  In the agility community Nicole was fortunate enough to meet trainers utilizing positive training techniques and began learning how to “speak dog”.  After realizing that the breakdown in the relationship with Zachary had been her lack of understanding him, Nicole began focusing her training on better ways to communicate with her dogs.  In 2004 Nicole began teaching agility classes with a focus on building confidence, relationship and connection between dog and handler.  

In 2006 Nicole co founded Criterion Agility training school, one of Connecticut’s premiere agility training programs.  In 2011 Nicole introduced The Spirited Dog agility training.  This school focuses on combining the handling of a spirited dog in need of training with the handler that wishes a deep and more personal bond with them.

Nicole currently competes with her two Border Collies, Shen and Bliss with her faithful retired Australian Shepard Reis following her every step.  

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