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Nancy MacDonald, Canine Massage Therapy
Nancy MacDonald infuses her students with passion and inspiration. With more than 40 years teaching experience, and in private practice since 1992 as a neuromuscular therapist, Nancy has taught continuing education workshops as well as classes that she developed in massage school certification programs. These include Introduction to Neuromuscular Therapy and Business and Marketing for the Massage Therapist. Other continuing education workshops include Self Care & Body Mechanics for the Professional Bodywork Practitioner and Gotcha Covered: Effective & Efficient Draping Techniques. She has provided therapeutic bodywork for a wide variety of athletes, musicians, and folks with an assortment of chronic tension and pain conditions. She was the massage therapist for the Austrian Rowing Team during the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta.  Nancy taught Canine Massage for campers at the 2014 Hendersonville, NC Camp Unleashed.  Her students gave her good reviews, and asked that she return and offer more classes.  She has also provided equine massage with good results for endurance competition horses as well as other horses.
Nancy maintains a neuromuscular therapy practice for humans in Asheville, and Hendersonville, NC. Her treatment style is specific and clinical, yet soothing and nurturing while working deep into soft tissue to target areas that are causing myofascial pain and dysfunction. Her work has helped to relieve pain and dysfunction and restore range-of-motion, flexibility and an overall sense of well-being in hundreds of clients during the course of her 24 year career.
Nancy is also a mom, a photographer, enjoys contra dancing and bicycling, is a gardener,, and enjoys making art, including building natural stone walls. She lives with her husband, Chris at a lake in Saluda, NC.