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Here's what campers are saying about Camp Unleashed...
"Camp Unleashed allows me to bond with my dog in a way I can nowhere else"

The experience of bonding and communicating with my dog in her language is unlike anything else in my life.

-- EE, Willimatic, CT
2012 Berkshires

Camp Unleashed was a way for me to give my dog a chance to really be a dog - run, dig, play, swim, etc. Seeing my dog's joy every day made this a vacation I'll always remember.

--OJ , Baltimore, MD
2011 Asheville

Camp Unleashed allows me to bond with my dog in a way I can nowhere else. My dog is allowed to be himself, with a joy and a freedom that I cannot offer him in the real world. I find that I relax more too, being around like-minded people and tapping into dog-like qualities--living in the moment, enjoying nature, taking pleasure in my surroundings and just letting go.
                  --Elizabeth Bermel, Ossining, NY
                                       2011 Berkshires

Camp Unleashed is the single most special and best "vacation" I have and ever will take.  I look forward to and it keeps me going. Just to actually spend 24/7 with my dogs and do fun things we all enjoy is what means the most to me.

                       --Julianne Power, Edison, NJ
                                         2011 Berkshires

It has totally changed my perspective on my dog... It made me realize how essential having time with her outside, just being together (instead of inside, together) is to both of us....

To see Bean flying down the beach or running with other dogs or sniffing along a trail with her tail wagging was incredible, and something I'll never forget. It's also meant a changed perspective for myself - being able to be 'unplugged' and just living moment to moment with a dog, even if it's just for a little while, has become essential.

                       --Mel Schroff, Midlothian, VA
                                           2011 Ashevill

INCREDIBLE! I have been around dogs my whole life, worked as a trainer, competed and won titles in dog sports with my dogs, written NYT best-sellers about dogs and still learned things at camp. Not to mention: If it wasn't the best four days of my life in the last 30 years, it was certainly tied. My dogs loved it. My 14-year-old, dying hospice dog came to life! And my 2-year-old crazy retriever grew up a little. 

  --Gina Spadafori, Sacramento, CA
2011 Sequoia Lake


I simply love this camp!
Without outside interference from the tv and internet, I am totally focused on my dogs and the simple joys that they experience by exploring their world without restraint. The other staff and campers are like minded individuals that enjoy seeing their dogs live the life they were intended to live. I love the friendliness of everyone at camp.

                --Nicole Levesque, Windsor Locks, CT 2011 Berkshires

Thanks for your
wonderful selection of lecturers. I have started making my own dog food and have been doing massage and Reiki on my 11½ year-old Elkhound. She is bouncing with health and happiness! 
                   — L. Sassman, 2005 Berkshires


                      --Dee Dellaquilla, Riverhead, NY
                                              2010 Berkshires

Camp Unleashed gave us the opportunity to leave the city and enjoy country life for four days. In the past we've taken Buddy on our vacation. This time I feel like Buddy's taken me on his and we both had a great time. 

                                          --Arthur McCardle, Revere, MA                                                                2011 Berkshires

An INCREDIBLE adventure for all..
. we are very active at home but to do things together unleashed is MOST amazing. WE LOVE Camp Unleashed and can't wait to come back in 2012!    

                   --Kelli-Ann Reilly, Fort Myers, FL                                                               2011 Asheville

It was amazing. Not only do I have PTSD, and VERY rarely go out, but my dog Moose is very people shy. At camp we both felt safe enough to be who we really are. It was a wonderful break from the real world, such an amazing crew and such a great group of dog lovers that made my dogs and I feel welcome and "normal". I loved every single second of it.
                                      --Meghan Duprey, Charleston, SC
                                                                 2011 Asheville

My dog and I are so much more bonded than ever before. I have much great confidence in her off-leash ability/behavior. I feel like I understand her better. Being able to focus solely on my dog for a few days has really made a difference. Allowing her to just "be a dog" and do her thing as a dog was absolutely wonderful!

                                        -- Robin Snyder, Watertown, MA
                                                               2011 Berkshires

Camp Unleashed was a fabulous re-connection and refreshing break of routine for me & Mr. Darcy. He was in doggy heaven and didn't stop smiling for 4 days! We were BOTH off-leash and free to relate to each other in a whole new and wonderful way. Now at home, our on-leash walks are easier. We seem to understand each other better. And we're more in love than ever!

                                       ---Judy Massey, Long Beach, NY
                                                             2011 Berkshires

Camp Unleashed is a time for Nola and I to just unwind and be who we are - stepping into each other's world.

--Ingrid Rice, Jackson, NJ
                                                               2012 Berkshires

We saved all year for this trip and it is the BEST money we every spent.  I can't say enough nice things about what camp does for the dogs.  But I think it does even more for the owners:)

                                           --Marion Jones, Wakefield, MA
                                                               2011 Berkshires